Project Location

The HECA project will be located in Kern County, California.

After studying numerous possible sites, Kern County has been identified as an ideal location for a new hydrogen energy plant due to its proximity to oil production facilities, appropriate geology for CO2 storage and the necessary infrastructure, including roads, non-potable water resources and electrical transmission lines.

HECA will also benefit from Kern County’s access to resources such as coal, petroleum coke and brackish, non-potable water. After applying a patented process to convert these resources into clean hydrogen and CO2, HECA’s hydrogen energy will satisfy California’s growing demand for electricity while HECA’s CO2 will generate domestic oil, reducing our dependency on foreign imports. By using brackish, non-potable water, HECA will preserve California’s valuable fresh water resources. Further, this project’s prime location will allow for a much needed $1 billion each year in local sources of low-carbon products, such as fertilizer, which will support the state’s agricultural economy.

Distances from Plant Process Area to local cities and towns:

21 Miles

To Central Bakersfield

6.5 Miles

From Buttonwillow

13 Miles

From outer residential areas of Bakersfield

2.5 Miles

Northwest ofTupman

View project location in Google Maps below: