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What can governments do to help with hydrogen energy projects?

Because of its importance to the U.S. as an alternative energy project of the future, HECA is co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, and administered by the National Energy Technology Laboratory. The project is supported in part by a $408 million grant that was competitively awarded to HECA in recognition of its importance in addressing the issue of climate change while providing many local, regional and national benefits.

Hydrogen Energy California is currently completing the technical studies, permitting process and commercial discussions in order to build the HECA facility.

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Do you think the public will be willing to pay higher prices for electricity generated by hydrogen? Do you think the public will support HECA?

We believe that the public officials and the general public are increasingly becoming aware of the significant issues surrounding climate change and the costs and benefits of taking precautionary action through a range of approaches.

The public already pays for programs that stimulate the provision of cleaner electricity from renewables, nuclear energy, and energy efficiency and conservation programs.

The State of California in particular has long been a leader in the development of clean air initiatives (e.g. low vehicle emission standards, alternative vehicle fuels, and clean fuels), Renewable energy Portfolio Standards (RPS), and more specifically the support for hydrogen as a fuel for transportation. The HECA project represents a further step in the development of low-carbon power generation in a state that has shown clear leadership in developing clean power and transportation technologies.

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