Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) is a clean and reliable alternative energy
    solution that will provide significant economic and environmental benefits to
    Kern County, the region and the state, while also advancing California’s
    long term climate strategy.

    HECA will permanently capture 90% of the facility’s C02 for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
    efforts, which will produce five million additional barrels of domestic oil per year
    and increase the nation’s energy independence.

    HECA will create thousands of high quality jobs during
    construction, as well as several hundred full-time jobs
    when fully operational. In addition, HECA’s operation
    will create $52 million in annual labor income and
    $239 million in total annual economic impact to Kern County.

    HECA will produce approximately one million tons per year of low-carbon
    urea and ammonium nitrate (UAN) for use as fertilizer, which will benefit
    local farmers and help reduce the need for foreign imports.
  • HECA will create thousands of high quality union jobs during construction and several hundred permanent jobs when fully operational.
  • The HECA project will permanently and safely capture 3 million tons of greenhouse gases before they are emitted into the atmosphere.
  • HECA will capture more than three million tons of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere each year, equivalent to taking more than 650,000 cars off the road.
  • The HECA project will generate clean, low-carbon electricity for California, while safely storing 90% of its CO2 emissions underground.
  • The HECA facility will transform coal and petroleum coke into clean hydrogen, fertilizer and other low-carbon products valued at more than $1 billion per year.
  • HECA's operation will create $52 million in annual labor income and $239 million in annual economic impact to Kern County.
  • In addition to generating clean energy using hydrogen, HECA will also produce a much needed local source of low-carbon fertilizer.
Based on the mitigations that we have required and the applicant has agreed to do, this project built will actually result in a net benefit in air quality... Sayed Sadredin, Executive Director...
This proposed [plan} we feel could be a very key component to solving our water-quality issues in the district. HECA offers us an opportunity... Terry Chicca, President of the Board ...
The potential is absolutely huge. It [carbon capture and storage technology] is a very, very large potential to combat climate change... Juho Lipponen, International Energy Agency...
SCS Energy (is) a firm that specializes in technically challenging generation projects. They have developed an innovative business model... Michael Peevey, President, California Public...
The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, representing over 410,000 Hispanic professionals from corporations and both large... Jay Tamsi, Kern County Hispanic Chamber...
The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce supports the HECA project because it will benefit our residents, our oil industry,... Letter to California Energy Commission...
The HECA project represents the cornerstone of a new industry of decarbonized energy production plants in Central California while... Richard D. Chapman, President, Kern...
HECA will improve and stabilize local oil production [and will] enable Kern County to be more self-sufficient while improving energy... Les Clark, Independent Oil Producers Agency

Watch Project Media

  • The Hydrogen Energy California project (HECA) will generate clean energy for California while creating jobs and economic and environmental benefits for Kern County. This video describes HECA's unique method of creating clean hydrogen from coal and petroleum coke, and its "closed loop" process for capturing and safely storing underground 90% of its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • Documentary film interviews with the local community about what they see HECA bringing to Kern County. People include County Supervisor for West Kern County, Mayor of Bakersfield, the Director of the Independent Oil Agency, a Professor from CAL State Bakersfield and more.
  • Film explaining how the Hydrogen Energy California project could be part of the solution to reduce climate change. The HECA facility will provide stable and reliable low-carbon electricity that will complement other forms of clean energy.
  • El proyecto de Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) generará energía limpia para California, mientras que la creación de empleos y beneficios económicos y ambientales para el Condado de Kern. Este video describe el método único de HECA de crear hidrógeno limpio y su proceso de “circuito cerrado” para capturer y almacenar de forma segura bajo tierra el 90% del dióxido de carbono.
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